Neighbour Magazine

I am honored to have contributed to the first three issues of Neighbour Magazine about sustainable living in Luxembourg and the greater region with the following articles:

Once Upon a Hill

About the CSA garden Vum Gréis in Berchem

A Beautiful Wasteland: Discovering a post-industrial nature reserve in the south of Luxembourg

About biodiversity in a former open mine area in Southern Luxembourg

Emerging Local Brands in the Circular Economy

About young entrepreneurs creating circular economy brands


Portraits of three strong entrepreneurial women.

La force douce – A portrait of Sandrine Gashonga, chairwoman of Lët’z Rise Up and coordinator of Sexempowerment

La force de la liberté – A portrait of Ahoua Eve Bakayoko founder of Miss Bak, 100% vegan and ethical cosmetics

Un petit espace avec de grands rêves – A portrait of Triana Esperanza Hilgersom, founder of Kasecha secondhand shop.