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Little Dot

A sensory story for children aged 2-5

Little Dot goes on a sensory tour in the garden. He listens to the birds’ cheerful singing, smells the freshness of the grass, tastes the juicy raspberries, touches the smooth mud in the puddle and looks at the whimsical shapes of the clouds, but when he comes back in, he is not himself anymore… What happened?

Written and illustrated by Ane Erézué

Paper cut, gouache, light and photography

The Sleeplings

A story about fear of the dark for children aged 4-8


A series of collage portraits

Gouache, lino cut, collage and paper cut

Portrait 02

French Theatre History 

A student project at IDI

  • Theater square
  • French Theatre 06
  • French Theatre 04
  • French Theatre 03
  • French Theatre 02
  • French Theatre 01

The Crystal Heart

A Vietnamese legend

A mandarin’s daughter falls in love with the voice of a fisherman. She imagines that he is a lover in disguise and she invites him to the palace. But who is he really? Who is she?

A beautiful and universal story for all ages

Illustrated by Ane Erézué

Paper cut, gouache, light and photography.

Vum Gréis

Illustrations for a pedagogical garden

Texte vum gréis